Saturday, November 27, 2010

Apricot-Walnut Ice-Cream


      2 Cups Dry Apricots
½ Cup Walnuts
¼ Cup Orange Juice
1ltr Vanilla Ice-Cream


1.      Soak the dry apricots for 3hrs.

2.      Remove the seeds.

3.      Slightly boil the apricots in the same water in which they were soaked.

4.      Puree the apricots in a food processor leaving it a little grainy. Let it cool.

5.      In a bowl line the apricots and add the orange juice.

6.      Mix it and sprinkle walnuts. Leave some walnuts for decoration.

7.      Top it with vanilla ice-cream and sprinkle the remaining walnuts.

8.      Enjoy your apricot-walnut ice-cream.

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